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Siamese Cat — Holistic Animal Physiotherapy in Medowie NSW
Green Plant — Holistic Animal Physiotherapy in Medowie NSW
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Helping Animals Live Pain-Free Lives

At Move Unleashed, we offer a holistic approach to animal health issues. We work with performance animals, pets recuperating from injury or surgery and those suffering from chronic pain and mobility issues. Our rehabilitation, pain management and physiotherapy work is grounded in current scientific research, using the most up-to-date techniques available. We’re passionate about helping animals live pain-free, happy, healthy lives, and we’re dedicated to helping animals feel less scared when they visit.

We work in partnership with Noah’s Ark Vet Services, which provides access to state-of-the-art facilities, diagnostic equipment and a team of highly skilled veterinary surgeons. We also regularly consult and treat in an office located within The Pet Shop Boyz in Newcastle.

Based in Medowie, we serve the entire Hunter Valley region, including Port Stephens, Maitland and Newcastle. Contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more about holistic animal therapies.

Sleeping Labrador Retriever — Animal Acupuncture in Medowie NSW
Dog having a Laser Treatment — Holistic Animal Physiotherapy in Medowie NSW
Dog having a Laser Treatment — Holistic Animal Physiotherapy in Medowie NSW

We Offer Fear-Free Treatment

At Move Unleashed, we use a low-stress handling approach with our patients. We understand that animals can get anxious when visiting the vet or physio, so we do everything we can to make their experience as calm and relaxed as possible. Our treatments are based on the Fear, Anxiety & Stress (FAS) Scale, a scientifically validated way of assessing and managing stress in animals.

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