Optimising Canine & Equine Performance in Port Stephens

Performance Dog & Horse Measurement

At Move Unleashed, our animal rehabilitation team works with you to optimise your pet’s performance. We assess, monitor and manage your pet’s progress using an evidence-based approach, allowing you to make informed decisions about their training and rehabilitation.

Working primarily with performance dogs and horses, we understand the importance of maintaining peak physical condition and preventing injury. Our comprehensive performance measurement and data analysis services provide the insights you need to keep your animal companion at the top of their game.

Whether you’re aiming for the winner’s circle or just want your furry friend to be able to run and play without pain, we can help. Call us on (02) 4982 9899 to learn more about our canine and equine performance optimisation services. Based in Medowie, our clinic welcomes animal patients from all over the Hunter Valley region, including Port Stephens, Newcastle and Maitland.

Smiling Border Collie Dog — Animal Physiotherapy in Maitland NSW

How Performance Optimisation Can Help

Our performance optimisation and measurement services can benefit your animal companion in several ways. Pet owners seek out our services so we can help:

Our assessment of your dog or horse’s sports ability, physiological capabilities, fitness and stride characteristics will reveal their potential as an athlete. We can also provide you with data-backed insights into their current level of fitness and performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about their training.

Performance Dogs — Animal Acupuncture in Medowie NSW